Clients who work with The Law Office of Douglas M. Reda benefit from the first-hand knowledge we bring to every Criminal Defense case. These kinds of charges can be difficult to handle, and leaving them up to the Woodbury area public defender could risk your freedom and livelihood. We will work with you in determining how to best handle your Criminal Defense case.

The Criminal Defense experience of The Law Office of Douglas M. Reda is arguably unsurpassed. When we represent you at a hearing or in negotiations with Woodbury area prosecutors, you can be assured by both our confidence in representing your interests and the over 35 years of experience that allows such confidence. You need our law firm at your back during your Criminal Defense case.

With over 35 years of experience in working with clients and forming defenses for their Criminal Defense charges, the professionals of The Law Office of Douglas M. Reda are more than prepared to handle your case. We know what it takes to create a proper defense against Criminal Defense charges, and we have experience working with courts serving the Woodbury area.

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Woodbury area courtrooms do not take Criminal Defense matters lightly and neither should you. If you face Criminal Defense charges, rely on a professional and aggressive legal representative like the legal team at The Law Office of Douglas M. Reda for a greater chance at proper representation. Call us at 516-921-1873 now for a proper defense in your case.

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